When you are considering how you want your site to look, it is sometimes helpful to see what some of the best church web sites are doing out there. This is a sample list of those sites. There is quite a variety of sites represented here. These sites are not hosted with LetItShine, however they represent the types of sites that can be accomplished right here.


River City Church - http://www.rccjax.com/

Church of the Incarnation - http://www.incarnationtoronto.ca/

Edmonds First Baptist Church - http://fbcedmond.org/

Dulls Community Church - http://www.dulleschurch.org/

The Crossings - http://www.crossingscommunitychurch.org/ 

SOMA - http://tacoma.somacommunities.org/

California Lutheran University - http://www.callutheran.edu/

First Christian Church of Claremore - http://claremoredisciples.com/

Roxbury - http://www.churchrox.com/

Rolling Hills Community Church - http://rollinghillscommunity.org/

New Hope Community Church - http://newhopechurchtn.org/

Church of Christ the King in Brighton  http://www.cck.org.uk/




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