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21 Jul 2014 02:37 PM Quote Reply  
- the following was found on the website on this topic.

There have been some reports that Dynamic Forms can be very slow in edit mode and becomes cumbersome, especially when creating a large form with a variety of field types. Thanks to Peter Nuiten and Ernst Peter Tamminga of, we are happy to share a solution with you!

The module is using the standard textEditor control (multiple times) which causes the performance issues. It preloads all the pages within a portal. In order to apply the solution, log in as a host/superuser account then go to Host > HTMLEditorManager. On this page, you'll find "Default Configuration" then click on "Everyone:"

In General Settings, find "Show Portal Links" or "Show Website Links" and deselect this. (This setting is defaulted to off for new DNN installations but is on when you upgrade.

Our friends from says "This brings the Loading time of the Dynamic Form module from 90 seconds down to 2 seconds(!) in this specific installation."

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