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More than Just Text

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When you make an announcement on your Home page, add something more than just the text. Optimally add an image or clipart to emphasize or just beautify the text. In the least, provide a title and format it differently than the announcement text below it. 

Remember if you format your announcement title, make sure you use consistent formatting to the other content on the page. Consistent formatting = Professionalism.

Extend the Worship Experience into the Home

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Now that churches are not permitted to worship together in the church building, we are all figuring out how to extend the worship experience into the online environment. Here are some ideas and examples to get you going. This is one that can offer both advice and direct assistance. Read more.

Create a COVID-19 Announcements Page

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The announcements from the Church and the Government keep coming out that affect how your church can worship together and meet. If you are putting all your announcements on your home page, it is quickly going to ruin your page layout and degrade the appearance of your site. We suggest that you move these announcements off to another page. Here is what that can look like. Read more.