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Action Form is a module developed by for the DNN Content Management System and Development Platform. The developers at have used the Action Form module for countless projects and solutions for a number of years. The following is an modest collection of notes that we have started to record about techniques to take advantage of the strengths of this module. We record this here not to become a secondary help system for Action Form users or DNNSharp. But if you can find something here that helps you, that makes us happy too.

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Mark Buelsing
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Standard Tokens in Action Form

Form Data
The value of any form fields can be references using a token, which is its ID between square brackets. For example, if the ID of a form field is FirstName, then the token is [FirstName]. Note that the ID and the token can’t contain spaces or punctuation.
Utility Tokens
[_ReportKey] - unique ID that identifies the current submission. This also powers edit functionality in Action Form. Whenever a entry parameter is present in query string, Action Form tries to match the associated report entry and load it into the form.
[_Referrer] - holds the URL from which the user arrived to the form
[_UserIp] - holds the IP of the user
[_FormUrl] - the URL where the form lives
[_FormUrlRelative] - same as above, only it’s a relative URL
[_EditUrl] - is the URL to edit current submission at a later time
[_IsNew] - true when the form is submitted for the first time
[_IsEdit]- true when the form is edited (for example using the [_EditUrl] token or Action Grid).
My Tokens
My Tokens comes with dozens of new predefined tokens such as Session, Server, Query String or Post Data access. It also allows to create custom tokens from database queries, HTTP Requests or files.
Other token examples you can use on a form are the Geo IP location tokens, you can use a static field box where you can place the following tokens:



DotNetNuke Inherited Tokens

These are tokens that are supported by DotNetNuke token replacement system. They have been included in this documentation for quick reference.

Note that these tokens don’t exist in all versions of DNN and also they may be restricted or behave differently in each version. Please check DNN specific version documentation for more information.

Token Source Token Description Values
Host Binds HostSettings information [Host:<HostSetting>] - where HostSetting is defined in the HostSettings table
Portal Binds information about current portal [Portal:Currency], [Portal:Description], [Portal:Email], [Portal:FooterText], [Portal:HomeDirectory,, Let It Shine, [Portal:Url], [Portal:TimeZoneOffset], [Portal:CurrentLanguage] (My Tokens only)
User Binds information about current user [User:VerificationCode], [User:AffiliateId], [User:DisplayName], [User:Email], [User:FirstName], [User:IsSuperUser], [User:LastName], [User:PortalId], [User:UserId], [User:Username], [User:FullName], [User:Roles]
Membership Binds membership information [Membership:Approved], [Membership:CreatedDate], [Membership:IsOnline]
Profile Binds profile information for current user [Profile:<ProfilePropertyName>]
Tab Binds information for current page [Tab:Description], [Tab:EndDate], [Tab:FullUrl], [Tab:IconFile], [Tab:KeyWords], [Tab:PageHeadText], [Tab:StartDate], [Tab:TabId], [Tab:TabName], [Tab:TabPath], [Tab:URL]
Module Binds information for current module [Module:Description], [Module:EndDate], [Module:Footer], [Module:FriendlyName], [Module:Header], [Module:HelpUrl], [Module:IconFile], [Module:ModuleID], [Module:ModuleTitle], 
[Module:PaneName], [Module:StartDate]
DateTime Binds DateTime information [DateTime:Now]
Ticks Binds ticks information [Ticks:Now], [Ticks:Today], [Ticks:TicksPerDay]


  • [Portal:url]
  • [Portal:portalid]
  • [Portal:portalname]
  • [Portal:homedirectory]
  • [Portal:homedirectorymappath]
  • [Portal:logofile]
  • [Portal:footertext]
  • [Portal:expirydate]
  • [Portal:userregistration]
  • [Portal:banneradvertising]
  • [Portal:currency]
  • [Portal:administratorid]
  • [Portal:email]
  • [Portal:hostfee]
  • [Portal:hostspace]
  • [Portal:administratorroleid]
  • [Portal:administratorrolename]
  • [Portal:registeredroleid]
  • [Portal:registeredrolename]
  • [Portal:description]
  • [Portal:keywords]
  • [Portal:backgroundfile]
  • [Portal:siteloghistory]
  • [Portal:admintabid]
  • [Portal:supertabid]
  • [Portal:splashtabid]
  • [Portal:hometabid]
  • [Portal:logintabid]
  • [Portal:usertabid]
  • [Portal:defaultlanguage]
  • [Portal:timezoneoffset]
  • [Portal:version]


  • [Tab:tabid]
  • [Tab:taborder]
  • [Tab:portalid]
  • [Tab:tabname]
  • [Tab:parentid]
  • [Tab:level]
  • [Tab:iconfile]
  • [Tab:title]
  • [Tab:description]
  • [Tab:keywords]
  • [Tab:url]
  • [Tab:skinsrc]
  • [Tab:containersrc]
  • [Tab:tabpath]
  • [Tab:startdate]
  • [Tab:enddate]
  • [Tab:skinpath]
  • [Tab:containerpath]
  • [Tab:fullurl]
  • [Tab:refreshinterval]
  • [Tab:pageheadtext]
  • [Tab:authorizedroles]
  • [Tab:administratorroles]


  • [Module:portalid]
  • [Module:tabid]
  • [Module:tabmoduleid]
  • [Module:moduleid]
  • [Module:moduledefid]
  • [Module:moduleorder]
  • [Module:panename]
  • [Module:moduletitle]
  • [Module:authorizededitroles]
  • [Module:cachetime]
  • [Module:authorizedviewroles]
  • [Module:alignment]
  • [Module:color]
  • [Module:border]
  • [Module:iconfile]
  • [Module:authorizedroles]
  • [Module:header]
  • [Module:footer]
  • [Module:startdate]
  • [Module:enddate]
  • [Module:containersrc]
  • [Module:desktopmoduleid]
  • [Module:friendlyname]
  • [Module:description]
  • [Module:version]
  • [Module:businesscontrollerclass]
  • [Module:modulecontrolid]
  • [Module:controlsrc]
  • [Module:controltitle]
  • [Module:helpurl]
  • [Module:containerpath]
  • [Module:panemoduleindex]
  • [Module:panemodulecount]
  • [Module:supportedfeatures]


  • [User:affiliateid]
  • [User:displayname]
  • [User:email]
  • [User:firstname]
  • [User:lastname]
  • [User:portalid]
  • [User:userid]
  • [User:username]
  • [User:fullname]


  • [Membership:createddate]
  • [Membership:lastactivitydate]
  • [Membership:lastlockoutdate]
  • [Membership:lastlogindate]
  • [Membership:lastpasswordchangedate]
  • [Membership:password]
  • [Membership:passwordanswer]
  • [Membership:passwordquestion]
  • [Membership:email]
  • [Membership:username]


  • [Profile:cell]
  • [Profile:city]
  • [Profile:country]
  • [Profile:fax]
  • [Profile:firstname]
  • [Profile:fullname]
  • [Profile:im]
  • [Profile:lastname]
  • [Profile:postalcode]
  • [Profile:preferredlocale]
  • [Profile:region]
  • [Profile:street]
  • [Profile:telephone]
  • [Profile:unit]
  • [Profile:timezone]
  • [Profile:website]


  • [Date:current]
  • [Date:now]


  • [Ticks:today]
  • [Ticks:now]
  • [Ticks:ticksperday]
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