Action Form Notes

Action Form is a module developed by for the DNN Content Management System and Development Platform. The developers at have used the Action Form module for countless projects and solutions for a number of years. The following is an modest collection of notes that we have started to record about techniques to take advantage of the strengths of this module. We record this here not to become a secondary help system for Action Form users or DNNSharp. But if you can find something here that helps you, that makes us happy too.

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Open Form in Popup With Querystring Parameters

Mark Buelsing 0 2636 Article rating: 5.0

Using the javascript API you can open Action Form in popup by calling the next javascript method

dnnsf.api.actionForm.openPopupById('1234', {'param':'valueofparam','param2':'valueofparam2'},true)


Also works for simply initializing a form already on the page

dnnsf.api.actionForm.initForm('1234', {'param':'valueofparam','param2':’valueofparam2'})